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Vinyl Graphics: 5 Design & Styling Tips


What are vinyl graphics? Simply put, vinyl graphics are large format digital printing onto self-adhesive vinyl which can be used to create eye catching displays.


Vinyl graphics are ideal for hoardings, building wraps, sticker printing, retail signage, vehicle livery, outdoor signs and much more. The vinyl cutter is similar to a modified computer pen plotter, though it uses a swivel knife rather than a pen. The graphics and lettering are designed on the computer using particular software and the cutter cuts through adhesive vinyl. Then the excessive material is removed, leaving behind the lettering or design.


Here are our Top Five Design & Styling Tips for amazing vinyl graphics.


       1. Design tips for vehicle livery: we recommend that you use an experienced vehicle graphics designer to create vinyl graphics for your vehicles. You’ll need to brief that person on how long you expect the livery to last, where it’s going, if you have existing brand guidelines and what you want to be included on the graphics. In addition, the designer will need accurate measurements for the vehicles.


Also ask to see that company’s portfolio to check they have the necessary experience.


       2. Never put too much information or clutter into your vehicle graphics (this applies to other vinyl graphics too) as this makes it confusing and difficult to read, and it achieves the opposite of what you are trying to do (i.e. provide information to people).


       3. Vinyl graphics are the best material to use for vehicles because the vehicle will be exposed to the inclement British weather so the material needs to be able to stand up to moisture and harsh conditions. Vinyl graphic will not disintegrate, run or peel.


       4. Vinyl graphics and vehicle livery in particular needs to be straightforward, with a good, clear logo, an easy to read font and one or two other pieces of information such as a phone number or website address. The colours should also contrast the colours of your vehicles for easier readability. Anything more than that makes it too complicated. Simplicity is the key – although experienced designers will be able to create you stunning signage that belies its simplicity.


       5. Window vinyl graphics are a great way for a business to advertise – say a coffee shop for example, which uses window vinyl graphics to promote a lunchtime meal deal. They are a low-cost, effective promotional solution. Window vinyl graphics are also useful for privacy and security.


Finally, it is useful to know how to remove vinyl graphics – perhaps when the lease hold to your fleet vehicles expires and the company branding must be removed, or you need to get rid of vinyl graphic signage in windows. The most common way to remove vinyl graphics is using an adhesive solvent with heat, but bear in mind that not all adhesive solvents are suitable for use on vehicles so check the instructions carefully.


For expert vinyl graphics for vehicles, shop windows, building wraps, sticker printing, retail signage, outdoor signs and more, please contact us at Boldens Signs on 01992 899191 or email


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