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Planning Great Exhibition Signage


Are you taking part in an exhibition this year – and if so, what can you do about planning great exhibition signage?


Exhibitions can be an expensive undertaking for you and your business. Often the costs of exhibiting at the exhibition are pricey and then there’s the travel, and the time off work necessitated for travelling and attending. If you’re going to be part of an exhibition you want to ensure that your signage for the event attracts plenty of attendees. Read on for our tips for how you can plan for great exhibition signage…


Try something different. Why not plan a theme for your stand and develop it around that theme? If you have a theme, it will make your stand to literally stand out and help to attract passers-by.


Remember good design rules. The rules of good design apply as much to exhibition stands as they do to all the other aspects of your design. Use your branding and appropriate colours/fonts etc., so that existing customers recognise your product or service – and look for an eye-catching design so you get noticed.


Simplify your exhibition stands. Include information such as the name and what you are about, as well as anything else that fits well. But don’t overcrowd the stand with too much information. You can hand out leaflets or business cards to tell people what they additionally need to know.


Think about lighting. Good lighting can make a difference to your signage so pay for the extra costs if lighting can be included in your exhibition package.


Ensure your signage is easy to construct. Exhibitions are a lot of hard work. Poorly constructed or difficult to assemble stands and pop-up banners are only going to add to your work load. Professionally made signage should be very easy to put up and deconstruct at the end of the event.


Think about exhibition posters. You want attendees to find you after all, or be reminded to pop back to your stand. A poster can spread your message across a given area and you can use them to highlight key information, such as special offers that can only be taken advantage of at the exhibition.


Easy to read. Your exhibition signage needs to be easy to read – close up and from a distance. Exhibitions usually take place in large spaces so you want your stand easy to spot.


Employ professionals. Boldens Signs work with clients to help them showcase their products or promote themselves at an event – providing professional, cost-effective and imaginative, eye-catching exhibitions and displays. You can choose from off-the-shelf standard pop-up stands or banners, or opt for a custom-designed exhibition stand.


Contact Boldens Signs for more information about our professional exhibition signage service.




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