Flex Face LED Signs



Technical Specs

Flex Face signs are a simple, versatile but effective form of sign, ideal for larger applications. These signs can be constructed in non-rectangular shapes and can even have raised lettering and are available in illuminated and non-illuminated forms.


The face of the sign is manufactured from a one piece PVC material which is stretched across the case like the skin on a drum.

New printing techniques allow the skin to be digitally printed in such a way so whether it's day or night the colours appear correct, avoiding the washed out look of many older, backlit signs.

We recommend this process for any corporate projects or for anyone who wishes to maintain their brand colours.


Each case is packed with energy saving cool white LEDs, which not only saves you money on running costs, but also on maintenance costs.


The Government's Enhanced Capital Allowances scheme provides an incentive for companies to invest in energy-saving equipment like LED's. It allows businesses 100% first year tax relief on qualifying capital expenditure. In short you can write off the whole cost of the LED component of your sign against taxable profits in the year of purchase. We will indicate the LED component cost for that purpose.

For more information on the ECA energy scheme please see the HMRC website or consult you accountants.


Whether your Flex face is for a high street shop, industrial warehouse, shopping centre, or even an airport, we can help you every step of the way, with full site surveys, artwork, planning illustrations and installation.



Suitable for internal and external use.


Durable, low maintenance and low running costs.


Can be constructed and finished in a multitude of finishes.


Can be internally and externally illuminated.


Can be manufactured to almost any shape and size.

All signs are manufactured to withstand the elements whether its inside or out.


Signs are manufactured to be low maintenance using the latest LED lighting

internally or externally.


Technical details are available for specific materials applied to an individual sign.


Most signs have a minimum life span of 10 years dependent on location, care and maintenance.


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