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Warning Signs: The Mistakes You Need to Avoid When Outsourcing Sign Writing


Signs are everywhere, right? From the moment you walk out your door, there are signs pointing you and guiding you to hundreds of thousands of different businesses. In a world where we are bombarded with marketing messages, it’s more important than ever to make sure your signage stands out.


Here, we take a look at the mistakes you need to avoid when outsourcing sign writing.


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Working with Local Authorities: Understanding requirements and project management


Boldens Signage Solutions has a solid experience and reputation with a number local authorities. Projects have ranged in size, scope and delivery time frames, but there are some elements that are inherent to these projects. This includes working with the core team to plan a delivery project, as well as understanding the requirements to match the design appropriately.


As a central element of our business, we are proud to have built relationships with the local authorities that have been ongoing for over 15 years. Below is a brief selection of some of the projects we have worked on.


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Vinyl Graphics: 5 Design & Styling Tips


What are vinyl graphics? Simply put, vinyl graphics are large format digital printing onto self-adhesive vinyl which can be used to create eye catching displays.


Vinyl graphics are ideal for hoardings, building wraps, sticker printing, retail signage, vehicle livery, outdoor signs and much more. The vinyl cutter is similar to a modified computer pen plotter, though it uses a swivel knife rather than a pen. The graphics and lettering are designed on the computer using particular software and the cutter cuts through adhesive vinyl. Then the excessive material is removed, leaving behind the lettering or design.


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Planning Great Exhibition Signage


Are you taking part in an exhibition this year – and if so, what can you do about planning great exhibition signage?


Exhibitions can be an expensive undertaking for you and your business. Often the costs of exhibiting at the exhibition are pricey and then there’s the travel, and the time off work necessitated for travelling and attending. If you’re going to be part of an exhibition you want to ensure that your signage for the event attracts plenty of attendees. Read on for our tips for how you can plan for great exhibition signage…


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How to Make Your Signage Stand Out


Signage is crucial – it’s often the first chance people get to interact with your brand so how to make your signage stand out is vitally important when it comes to design.


You want to increase the public’s awareness of your business – so that people know what you do and where you are. The best signs are those that are the most interesting piece of scenery in their particular vicinity. They draw the eye and they get noticed.


Read on for our tips on how to make your signage stand out.


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